11th April 2021

Uniform Buttons

Hindmarsh Regiment, 43rd/48th Infantry Battalion

Stokes & Sons Melb

This infantry unit was raised for service during WW1.

Chronicle (Adelaide), 20th February 1930 page 49.

It was disbanded, re-raised, then merged in 1930 with the 48th Battalion. When territorial designations were introduced in 1927, the battalion adopted the title of the “Hindmarsh Regiment”. It was briefly re-raised during WW2, disbanded, re-re-raised, re-merged with the 48th until absorbed in 1960 into the Royal South Australian Regiment.


Hume Regiment, 59th Infantry Battalion

Stokes & Sons Melb

This is another unit raised for service in WW1 then disbanded, only to be re-raised. The territorial title of the ‘Hume regiment’ was adopted in 1938. In 1942 it was merged with the 58th Battalion. Thus merged, they served in Bougainville and New Guinea .

The Australasian (Melbourne), 22nd March 1941 page 32. Troops in training after the outbreak of war.

The 59th was re-raised in 1952 and absorbed into the Royal Victorian Regiment in 1960.

Shepparton Adviser (Vic), 17th February 1953 page 1.