10th September 2023

Fashionable Buttons from Myers Emporium

I have received a wonderful batch of carded button & buckle combinations. The cards themselves are dated 30/08/1939, although they could of course been used for some time after this. The cards are a little dusty and stained, but the art-deco style buttons and buckles are gorgeous!

Myers used the tag line “For value and Friendly service” in advertising from 1935 right through until at least 1983.

I love the this ad with its camel placed in The Herald (Melbourne) on 30th march 1935 page 11. The oversized buttons and buckles are evident in the illustrations.

Some enlargements below:

In 1936 they were selling “fashionable buttons in all popular colors (sic) and styles and designs, consisting of Erinoid (a type of casein), Catalin (bakelite), Porcelain, and various other styles.” In 1940 they had a special of “card of buttons with buckle to tone … usually sold at 1/11, 2/11” for 7½d.

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