10th October 2020

Quaint Buttons

The definition of ‘quaint’ is  (Oxford Languages) attractively unusual or old-fashioned, (www. dictionary.com) having an old-fashioned attractiveness or charm; oddly picturesque, strange, peculiar, or unusual in an interesting, pleasing, or amusing way.

Some descriptions, though alas, no pictures, to make your imagination run riot …


” … quaint, fat buttons of stuffed taffetas, enclosed in a “skeleton” of silvered net, harmonising with the touch of silvered lace at the throat.”


 “… quaint buttons of chromium with scarlet linen centres”


“… corks, cut in dome shaped and threaded with string (make) quaint buttons.”


“Something new in the way of accessories are the quaint buttons and buckles of dark stained wood, ornamented with charming little Tyrolean figures and gay flower posies. The little motifs are raised up so that they are thrown sharply into relief, and the bright colours look well against the plain brown wood. Some of the ornaments are made in buckle form, two sections laced together with scarlet cord, and will make a most effective trimming for a plain frock.”

“Quaint elephant buttons and a huge elephant belt buckle adorned, literally, the front (of the duck-egg blue dress).”


“Quaint buttons are being shown, made in the shape of lima beans, feather dusters and shell-pink bars.”

“Quaint buttons are getting more quaint than ever, and at one store I saw the most novel notions – ladybirds, in all colours, hats in a variety of shapes, mushrooms with smaller ones attached, flower posies showing under glass, and all kinds of glass shapes in the most vivid and unusual colours.”

“… a grey woollen suit woven with bog-green thread, and with the jacket fastened by quaint buttons in the shape of green dragon-flies.”


“The most quaint buttons I have seen for some time were about the size of a shilling, with white ducks heads on a delphinium blue ground, and there were others in red tones.”


“A brief visit (to a store in Toowoomba) will please you with the excellent display of much needed buttons. There are buttons which boil, in white, and in a variety of bright colours; there are quaint dog buttons in several colours, most suitable for kiddies clothes.”


“Quaint buttons for a good dress are those in white glass with gilt edges, and two autumn leaves in green, yellow and red relief.”

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