10th July 2023

A Detour Around the World: 

Lion Button (Asia) Co. Ltd.

Lion Button was established in New York as part of the DCG Group in 1985. There are button factories in China, Bangladesh (for zinc alloy, steel and brass), Pakistan and Sri Lanka (for polyester). They also produce shell, corozo, horn, bone coconut and wooden buttons.


Located in Yiwu, about 100km south of Hangzhou, they have produced buttons for around 10 years. The buttons include polyester, shell, fabric covered and natural materials such as wood and coconut.


Sankei Co. Ltd.

Established in 1955 and based in Tokyo. Producing metal, polyester, nylon, urea, casein, shell, horn, wood, and leather buttons.




Founded in 2010, Polson are located in Istanbul with over 400 employees and capable of producing 300,000,000 buttons per month. They use polyester, corozo, horn and wood.


Final Buttons

Another company located in Istanbul, making faabric covered, metal, wood, coconut, corozo, pearl, polyester buttons. they were established in 2005.


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