25th March 2021

Tailors’ buttons

Liversage & Green, Footscray

Messrs William Liversage (1980 -1935) and Edgar Charles Green (1881-1959) announced there opening their factory employing six hands at “Shaw’s New Buildings” on 5th October 1907. They were still at that address in 1922. Mr Green went into real estate after that, moved to Williamstown and died there in 1959. Mr Liversage remained in Footscray until his death in 1935.

Independent (Footscray), 5th October 1907 page 2.


Coles Supermarkets and Target Stores

Buttons from the polo shirts of their uniform.









2 thoughts on “25th March 2021

  1. admin Post author

    Adam, this is a common trouser button, made in the thousands by many manufacturers. Buttons Ltd produced buttons for military and civilian use from 1909-1959. The British Button Society may be able to help you date it better, or perhaps a British metal-detector forum. https://www.britishbuttonsociety.com/

  2. Adam

    Thanks a million Cathy for Your answer! I will definitely ask at the link provided by you, and check on British forums of prospectors.

    Regards from Poland!
    Adam Salieri


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