9th June 2022

Mincing Lane

The Argus (Melbourne), 4th October 1855 page 7.

The first address that Thomas Stokes advertised his die-sinking business from in 1854 was 15 Mincing Lane. He stayed there until around March 1856. As this laneway no longer exists, I was never certain of its location. However, I have now managed to locate it, and found it existed until 1908.

The Age (Melbourne), 7th March 1908 page 12.

Robert Reid & Co built a new softgoods warehouse on the site during 1908-09, the address now known as 334-340 Flinders Street, Melbourne, near Bond Street, running between Flinders Street and Flinder Lane (then known as Little Flinders Street). There was apparently a wharf at the river end of the lane, as many addresses were written as “XX Mincing Lane, wharf”.

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