8th July 2021

 Tailors’ Buttons from Bendigo

H. Gardiner, Cridland & Co.

A total mystery. A similar button has been detected around Ballarat, but I can find no hint of were it comes from. It may not be an Australian business.


Emery & Gibson, Sandhurst

Museums Victoria Collections https://collections.museumsvictoria.com.au/items/767870. Bendigo c.1890. Emery & Gibson are located at the right of the photo.

Bendigo Advertiser, 19th June 1879 page 3.

Thomas Sampson Gibson (1843-1913) was born in County Clare, Ireland, and arrived in Melbourne in 1857. He settled in Bendigo in 1870. He was a member of the Early Closing Association, local charities and acted as an honorary deputy coroner in his capacity as a Justice of the Peace. His partnership with John Emery lasted until Emery retired in 1891.

John Emery (1824-1901) was born in Hertfordshire, England and came to Australia in 1855. After gold seeking he returned to tailoring in Melbourne, then in 1861 returned to England. Upon his return to Victoria in 1863 he opened a clothing store at Raywood, then moved to the corner of Pall Mall and Mitchell Street, Sandhurst, where 10 years later he was joined by Gibson.

T.S. Gibson: Bendigo Advertiser, 18th April 1911 page 2.