7th May 2021

Busy Fingers: A knitting/crochet booklet from c.1954

Early 1950s Walkers’ buckles.

Thanks to Pat, new Disney buttons on a reproduction card: They are backmarked ©Disney and Boutons Koucher, a manufacturing firm in Lavans-lès-Saint-Claude ​, Bourgogne, France since 1955. And a knitted tie for your “Man About Town”!

1950s Woolworth’s Moonglow button and 1940s ‘Latest fashion’ buttons, probably made by O. C. Rheuben.
Love the model’s pose.

The Daily news (Perth), 23 Sep 1943 page 6. This advert dates the Latest Fashion buttons.

c.1957 Leda-Beauclaire buttons. Another great pose,and oh, the pointy brassiere!


1 thought on “7th May 2021

  1. Carol Fenselau

    A good chuckle for me at the styles of yesterday’s acceptance of the models in our knitting pattern books.
    I love Pat’s ability in finding; yet again; new buttons. The cats on the Latest Fashion card, is a really great find. Thanks!


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