5th August 2022

Woolworths Finds

Woolworths, opening in 1927 as a bargain goods store, sold buttons from the first year of operation. From sometime as early as 1950 they sold ‘Spares’ branded cards of buttons and during the 50’s introduced ‘Boilproof’, ‘Hi-Style’, ‘Kiddietone’ then ‘Moonglow’ buttons, all initially provided by General Plastics.

A dozen buttons for 4 pennies!

The Some cards have the graphics left uncovered, as in this case. In others, the buttons are just neatly balanced over the area of the card, partially covering the graphics. It seems the carding ladies weren’t told what to do.













Silver or gilt paper has been tucked under carded pearl buttons (to accentuate their lustre) for over 150 years. I found mention of it in 1865 newspapers!

Kiddietone cards are not common. The lamb button has been found in red, white, blue and yellow.