31st July 2021

Uniform Buttons

Gaol Warders H.M.G. N.S.W.

Firmin London.

The Queen Victoria crown, plus the “H.M.G.” for Her Majesty’s Gaols, indicate this button dates pre-1902.

Australian Staff Corps

K.C. Luke Pty. Ltd. Melbourne

In 1920 this corps took over the administrative duties, and the Australian Instructional Corps (AIC)  took over training of the interwar Militia from the previous Administrative and Instructional Staff (A & I Staff). Post WW2 the increasing role of a regular army, and centralisation of the part-time forces training led to the ending of this corps in 1983.  The backmark dates this button from 1930-1952. An example by A. J. Parkes is also in my collection.


Volunteer Staff, Medical Staff & Retired Staff

Frosted gilt on gilt.

This one is marked C.R. Martin Melbourne. According to Cossum, this was supplied for Tasmanian forces.

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