29th May 2021

Uncommon Backmarks

C. R. Martin, Melbourne

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I previously had only two uniform buttons marked “C. R. Martin”, for the Victorian Naval Brigade and for the Queensland Volunteers. Carol (I think) also has one for a pre-federation artillery unit.

Charles Roper Martin (1833-1910) arrived in Melbourne in 1852. He was heavily involved in the volunteer defence movement, and an importer/manufacturer of military accoutrements. He may have bought buttons from his brother’s business (Stokes and Martin), or imported them.

Weekly Times (Melbourne), 30th July 1910.

Martin was a founding member in 1863, of the Melbourne Cavalry Troop, and later the Metropolitan Troop of the Victorian Volunteer Light Horse. This in 1863 this was renamed the Prince of Wales Victorian Volunteer Light Horse. In 1885 most of the cavalry was incorporated into the Victorian Mounted Rifles, and Captain Martin was placed on the ‘retired list’ with the rank of Major.

Studio portrait of an unidentified captain of the Prince of Wales Victorian Volunteer Light Horse: Comparing this with the above photogrph, this could in fact be Captain CR Martin. c.1870.

Australian War Memorial collection #REL/18070.001. Officer’s Full Dress tunic of the PWVVLH c.1870


C. K. Moore, Sydney

 This button is shown on Cossum’s, page 8. It is for the  NSW Artillery, 1870-1880.

I have not owned a C. K. Moore button previously (Thanks, Don!)  I’ll reproduce here what I know about him from my tailors’ pages.

The Sydney Mail and New South Wales Advertiser, 19th may 1894 page 1028.

C. R. Moore (1834-1894) was an Irishman and merchant who lived in Sydney from 1859. His business supplied tenders for the public service and Post Office. He was very involved in public life, running as Major for Waverley, as well as being involved in the New South Wales Rifle Brigade and the Royal Sydney Yacht Squadron.

Queanbeyan (NSW), 30th October 1873 page 6.

His backmark has also been noted on a button for the NSW police unearthed in Sydney. Let me know if you are aware of any others.

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