29th January 2022

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Excelsior are/were a British brand of buttons. The label ‘Foreign’ indicates the buttons were imported to Britain. Although they also sold fashion buttons, they sold a lot of novelty/children’s buttons, such as the teddy bears below. This kind of button turns up not infrequently in button tins.

They were selling plastic buttons from the ?1940-60s; English and Foreign and Empire made. The firm produced boot buttons in the early 20th century. It is possible they started out making metal trouser buttons and other items in the 19th century, as some of these are branded Excelsior; I have not been able to trace the history of this company.

I have a couple of cute Excelsior “Kiddy Kards”, probably 1950s era. There is also a ‘Little Jack Horner’ card which I crave for my collection!

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