27th March 2023

Victorian Volunteer Service 1870-1880

Backmark: Superior Quality

I bought this “dug” button despite the corrosion as I have not seen one for sale in 7 years. It has a lion on a QV crown over a slung bugle within a garter. The legend ‘Aut Pace Aut Bello Victoria is around the edge. A better example can be seen at http://www.austbuttonhistory.com/4th-january-2022/

New volunteer uniforms were distributed from around 1860, and again from around 1870. Perhaps  this button was designed especially for the new 1870 era uniform. The 1860 volunteer rifles uniforms were usually grey, as at that time it was felt to be good camouflage, and was also popular in Britain and America. However, when British volunteers started to adopt the red jackets of regular soldiers in the 1870s, so followed most of the Australian volunteers.  Soldiers were not immune to fashions!

Tailor’s Button

J.E. Buchan, Bendigo

See his story on http://www.austbuttonhistory.com/branded-buttons/branded-buttons-tailors-buttons-g-l/#J

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