26th April 2021

New Zealand made Beauclaire buttons

General Plastics (NZ) started in 1939 as British Buttons and Buckles. It was renamed around 1946 and continued into the 1960s. It was renamed (?bought out) in 1969.



No maker’s mark.

The State Government Insurance Office was set up in Western Australia in 1926, after the success of the Queensland version from 1916. The main thrust was to support  gold miners who might develop lung disease in the course of their profession. There was opposition to this from the Opposition (no pun intended), claiming it would cost too much and should be left to private insurance companies. The Labour Government at the time claimed that private firms were refusing to offer quotations for the scheme, forcing the government to do so. Despite the actual existence of the Insurance Office, the scheme did not pass into state legislation until 1938!

The West Australian (Perth), 17th December 1938 page 22.

Over the years the insurance office extended to cover compulsory 3rd party motor vehicle , school children’s and general insurance. Privatised in 1994, the firm offers car, motorcycle, home, business, boat, caravan and travel insurance.

The Beverley Times (WA), 19th May 1977 page 5.