24th October 2023

Air Training Corps

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Established in 1941 as a youth cadet organisation to foster interest in a career in the airforce, modeled on a similar system set up in Britain.

National Library #40511421. An Air Training Corps Cadet receiving tuition in meteorology. c 1942.

The Manning River Times and Advocate for the Northern Coast Districts of New South Wales (Taree, NSW), 6th January 1943 page 4.

A.T.C. badge

Western Mail (Perth), 24th June 1943 page 9.

Air Force News, 7th April 2016 page 25.

In 2014 it was recognised for the training it had provided to thousands of commercial pilots.

( In researching for this article I found a quote that the lady Commandant of the Women’s Air Training Corps believed that every one girl taken into the Women’s Auxillary Air Force in Australia would release two men for active service. Hmm. So one “girl” could do the work of two “men”? Perhaps the “girls” should have been doing the flying and fighting seeing as they were twice as effective?)

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