24th November 2022

Reference book

“Dress & Insignia of the British Army in Australia& New Zealand 1770-1870.” by Ronald H. Montague, author and geneologist. Published 1981.

This is a very useful aid to the collector of pre-federation Australian militaria. I have been able to add to and correct the “Pre-Federation Defence Forces” page. Some of the examples of regimental buttons shown in Cossum were not actually concurrent with tours of duty in the colonies. If you have not read this page for awhile, you may wish to revisit it.


Below are some interesting photos of soldiers in reproduction uniform from the Army newspaper. I’ve broken the first shot into two, to enlarge the details.

Army (newspaper), 9th October 1980 page 10.

9th September 1982, page 1. Soldiers in reproduction 11th North Devonshire Regiment.

28th November 1985 page 13. Dressed as the 1885 Australian Contingent to the Sudan.

7th June 1990, page 5.

For more about the Camel Corps, see http://www.austbuttonhistory.com/7th-february-2022-camel/

9th February 1995 page 7. Wearing the 1893 uniform of the Queensland artillery.

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