24th April 2022

Allen & Moore

Today I’m revisiting Birmingham in the 19th century, when it was a power house of button manufacturing; this time to investigate the partnership of Allen & Moore. For more on British and Birmingham manufacturers, see the Wide World of manufacturers page of this blog.

John Allen and  Joseph Moore (1817-1892) were die-sinkers of Birmingham. In 1844 they went into partnership together in Great Hampton Road, producing buttons, medals and other items. They were listed in the 1851 Great Exhibition as showcasing metal buttons. Unfortunately, the business failed in 1855. Joseph Moore continued on his own as a die-sinker until his death.

In 1861 a book entitled Health, Husbandry, and Handicraft by Harriet Martieau included a section on Allen & Moore.  Selected portions follow:

Unfortunately, although many images of Allen & Moore medals are available online, I have not found one of their buttons.


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