22nd April 2022

Sleeve Buttons: part 2

 Despite the ladies’ links shown yesterday, most commonly we think of these for men’s wear; a form of fastener at the plainest, to luxurious jewellery at the other end of the scale. All the below bar the last example come from the Australian Women’s Weekly magazine. Although many variations of links have been made in times past, it seems that most, if not all, of recent examples have one decorative side attached with a post to a swiveling T-piece.


1968. Cuff links with matching tie tac(k). A tie tac is a pin with a decorative head, that holds the layers of a tie together, clasped at the back. The chain on this type would be passed through a button hole to hold the tie in position on the shirt.


1970. Opal necklace, tie-pin and cuff links.

1972. A Father’s Day gift from Mitre 10.

Air Force News, 19th September 2019 page 7.

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