21st October 2022


Australian Distributers


Terries buttons are found on (apart from the name) cards identical to those sold by Demetre, and very similar to Leda cards. Therefore, it is highly likely that General Plastics supplied buttons to these, and possibly other, distributors to sell under their own names. This was around the mid 1960s.


Walkers may have started distributing buttons made by D.C. Quinn from late 1954, although various versions of this haberdashery and jewelry manufacturing-then-warehousing firm has existed since 1919.

Fashionable Buttons

These imported glass buttons are sold on identical cards to some Embassy branded buttons, so were likely sold by G. J. Coles.

In 1950, when these buttons may have been sold, local manufacturers were not impressed with Czech glass buttons! They warned ladies not to buy communist-made buttons:

Pittsworth Sentinel (Qld), 10th October 1950 page 1.

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