20th April 2023

Novelty Finds

I don’t usually collect so called “studio buttons” (i.e. smaller scale, hand crafted collectable buttons” but a couldn’t resist these glossy red apples, especially when I realised that the brand name refers to the squawk of a hen ( Bok-Bok B’Gerk!). They were based in Mount Clear, Victoria, from around 2011-2022, and made hand-painted, laser cut jewellery. Although the business has closed, some items  still seem to be available on various online stores.


The original 1926  Pooh bear character has entered the public domain, but the Disney red-shirted version, as seen on this button, is still currently copyrighted and trademarked.

The original “Steamboat Willie” Mickey image enters public domain next year, but not the later  versions, and not Donald for some years yet. The name “Mickey Mouse” is, however, trademarked.


Fruit & Veg.

Make sure you get your 5 serves of vegetables and 3 of fruit a day to keep the blues away!

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