19th March 2022

Tailor’s Button

Jack Torranhce, Camperdown.

How annoying to have your name misspelt! There is no ‘H’ in Torrance despite what the button proclaims. John Westland Torrance was born in Otago, New Zealand, in 1893 and worked as a tailor from at least 1915. He served in WW1. Around 1930 he moved to Australia with his family, quite possibly to escape from some legal/financial problems.

Cromwell Argus, 30 April 1928, Page 4.

From the advertising below, Jack was working for Harry Taylor in 1933, and probably before that.

Camperdown Chronicle (Vic),13th April 1933 page 2.

In December that year he was set up in his own business. He left for Warrnambool in 1938 to work for Fletcher Jones, and died there in July 1955.

Camperdown Chronicle, 12th November 1938 page 5.

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