18th March 2022

Modern Australian Army and Navy Buttons

“Skewered Roo”







This small (13mm diam) black plastic button was made by “Stokes (A’Asia) Ltd MLB”. This was the design used on the the army’s ’emblem’ (i.e. flag)  from 1969-1992. (This design was also  briefly used for badges instead of the ‘Rising Sun’ from 1954-1969.)


Black Plastic R.A.N.

Although the logo isn’t clear, this appears to be a button made by A.C.I. therefore dating around 1942-3.


R.A.N. and Australian Army

Both these buttons have a plastic-lined back, with no backmark. The design on the army button was current from 1991 (and from 1992 on the ’emblem’). The design on these modern buttons is not as crisp, defined and detailed as on older uniform buttons. They look a little cheap and nasty in comparison.

Cam Smith had provided this information for the navy button: This is a Flag Officer’s button. i.e. an admiral, vice admiral, or rear admiral. These can be found with the three styles of crown – Vic, Kings & QEII.

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