18th June 2021

G. Beutron (Hong Kong) Limited

G. Herring established G. Beutron (Hong Kong) Limited on 21st May 1954 with Cornelius Ney, brother of Marshall Ney, as the manger. According to  https://industrialhistoryhk.org/64226-2/ they then built a four story, 12 000 square foot factory, “Beutron House”,  in Aberdeen to make polyester buttons. The firm became ‘Herculoid Far East’ on  20th August 1957. In 1964, seventy-five workers were producing 25-30 tons of buttons and blanks per month. The firm was dissolved on 24th February 1984.

NB: Herculoid was a trade name for cellulose plastic.


Cook, Son & Co. Ltd, Hindley Street Adelaide

 “Where Men Buy Best”

For some reasonon the right card four South Australian uniform buttons by Stokes & Sons as well as a couple of shirt buttons have been mounted on a give away card  from Cook’s store. Perhaps the bottom two are original?

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