17th January 2024

Bias Binding

Bias binding: a narrow strip of cloth cut on the bias, folded once or twice, for finishing and decorating clothing. Sewers must have bought a lot of it for there to be so many brands! In 1882 bias binder attachments for sewing machines were being advertised. In 1930 ready-made bias binding was available in shops: a great boon.

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In 1962 Mercia Foundations Ltd changed its name to Formfit of Australia Ltd, making foundation garments. It was delisted in 1981 when it was taken over by Speedo Holdings Ltd.

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Bias Binding International was a New Zealand firm established in 1954. It was placed into liquidation in 1992.

Foldex Pty Limited was a binding manufacturer from around 1950 until the 1990s.

Coats Paton and Semco merged in 1983, with a factory in Sandringham, Victoria.

See also http://www.austbuttonhistory.com/3rd-november-2023/

There was also the Bias Binding Co, located in Carlton from 1942-1984.

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