18th April 2022

New Finds

A partial large card of Beauclaire buttons c.1950

Woolworths and Coles buttons, by Beutron

Notice that both cards have the matching thread supplied. Although branded buttons for both businesses were originally supplied by General Plastics, by the the late 1950s/early 1960s, G.Herring (about to be renamed Beutron Australia) had taken over doing so, so the cards changed to the Beutron style with the supplied thread.

1960s cards

G.Herring changed the shape and styling of their cards some time around 1960.

J. Demetre & Co P/L, trading as Demetre Buttons, was registered in 1964. The card is the same as for Leda-Beauclaire and Terries cards of that era, showing that they were all supplied by General Plastics, which in turn was absorbed into Beutron at that time.

It is possible these are not Demetre buttons, as they had been re-sewn onto the card. They are quite chunky; the 5 buttons do not fit neatly onto the card. I re-re-sewed them, but couldn’t make them neat without obstructing the price.

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