16th November 2021

Beutron Branded Glass Button

This glass button of Carol’s shows the name ‘Beutron’ moulded upon the back. It is the first such button we have seen. G. Herring must have paid for this marking, or else made a large order to warrant it!







On the back of Beutron originals cards, some of which are printed with “Made in Western Germany”,  are the words “Although these Beutron glass buttons are of the finest quality, the bases are imported and therefore the shanks cannot be guaranteed in the same way as Beutron plastic buttons, which are made entirely in Australia under our own supervision and from our own raw material.” These cards must have been printed between 1950, when the name Western Germany was first used, until about 1954 when their first overseas plant was opened in Hong Kong.

Peering at the back of my own glass Beutron, I managed to find a couple marked on the back with “Le Chic”, which was a brand name used by B. Blumenthal & Co, importers and manufacturers, from 1932 until around 2008. The company was based in New York, and is now known as Blumenthal Lansing Co. It has been acquired by  IG Design Group.

G. Herring may also have imported glass buttons from Schwanda, as mentioned last year; see  http://www.austbuttonhistory.com/2nd-september-2020/.

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