16th May 2021

New Finds

The name Leda was trademarked in December 1957. “Leda by Beauclaire” appeared in advertising in 1958-9. After that the name Beauclaire disappeared, although Leda buttons continued to be sold until the late 1960s. Around 1963 General Plastics was losing its battle to stay afloat.

The Australian Jewish Times (Sydney), 14th June 1963 page 4.
















The Bulletin, 30th May 1964. A 1964 article about F. W. Williams Holdings Limited .

The Embassy card dates from c.1959. Some time in the early 1960s the cards changed shape to allow for the “free matching cotton” so the influence of G.Herring (called Beutron Australia Ltd from 1963) was evident as G. Herring had been using that marketing gimmick from 1949; see the card on the left. Leda buttons appeared both with and without the cotton from around 1958, but dispensed with it around 1965. Leda cards were produced until 1967/8 (as shown by the printing of decimal only prices) then disappeared.


Walkers Fashion Accessories name was current from around 1983-2009. The company is now registered as Bertram Pacific Pty. Ltd. The Maxart buckle probably dates from the late 1970s.