15th March 2023

Military Mode 1910-1915

As previously discussed, world events influenced many aspects of daily life, including fashion. Did this arise from a desire to feel a kinship with the men, to express one’s support, or just part of the pervasive zeitgeist of the times?  Perhaps the donning by women of ‘military’ styles was daringly ‘mannish’? Following are some examples of this from the pre WW1 and WW1 era.

The Sydney Mail and NSW Advertiser, 30th March 1910 page 48. ‘The tri-corne in black beaver … with give an excellent idea of the “military” modes of the hour.’

The Week (Brisbane), 12th November 1915 page 7. “The strappings on the blouse are indicative of the prevailing military modes.”

The Australasian (Melbourne), 5th February 1916 page 36.

The Sydney Morning Herald, 17th February 1915 page 5.

National Leader (Brisbane), 28th December 1917 page 3.

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