14th November 2021

Only 2 weeks to the official start of summer in the Southern hemisphere, but you wouldn’t know it! It is cold, windy and wet with possible hail and a predicted maximum of 15°C; bah! Time to wear a fashionable winter coat.

The Australian Woman’s Mirror, 5th January 1926 page 17. No allowance made for the fact that this Northern hemisphere coat is being advertised in the middle of summer!” 


An interesting group of women caught my eye on the next page of this magazine.

Page 18. None seem too pleased to having their photo taken. Lady Galloway reminds me of Dame Edna’s bridesmaid, Madge. Note that Mademoiselle Weiss has a line of close set buttons from wrist to shoulder. Note also they are discussing “The Outlook of Paece (sic) in Europe.” Perhaps they are annoyed at the typo?