14th April 2023

Australian-Oriental line

Buttons from navies, mercantile marine, coast guards and even yachting clubs tend to follow  British naval traditions. One of these traditions since 1774 is the use of a rope-like edging, especially for officers, although some have plain or no edging. Another tradition is the use of gilt buttons for petty officers and officers.

Backmarked: Paisley’s Ltd Glasgow. See story below.

This  shipping company ran from 1912 until 1961. It provided shipping between Australia, Japan and Hong Kong.

Australian National Maritime Museum #00027438. Watercolour of SS Changsha of the A &O Line.

The Telegraph (Brisbane), 3rd May 1939 page 6. Although the details aren’t clear, you can see the uniform buttons.

Paisley’s Ltd Glasgow.

Paisley’s were tailors and outfitters in Glasgow from around 1880 until 1979. They specialised in Highland costume as well as supplying uniforms for schools, sports, and trades, including merchant marine.

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