13th March 2022

School Uniform Buttons

Wenona School

An unusually high quality button for a school uniform., with a metal base and clear coating.











This secular girls school had its origin in 1886 as Woodstock School, becoming Wenona School in 1914. In 1922 it moved to its current North Shore location, and started offering boarding.

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The Farmer and Settler (NSW), 3rd September 1936 page 6.

Sydney Mail, 17th August 1932 page 18. They were proud of their archery prowess. Shame about the uniforms!

Pacific Islands Monthly, 15th October 1940 page 59.


Willunga High School









Although parents lobbied for a local high school in 1949, it was not until 1959 that it was established.

Victor Harbour times (SA), 29th April 1981 page 8.

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