12th March 2023

New Beutron Finds

Beatrix Potter

In 1976 JHB obtained a licence to produce Beatrix Potter buttons. They released their first series in 1977 for the 75th anniversary of the 1903 publishing of ‘The Tale of Peter Rabbit’. These are 3 of this original set, the others being  Peter Rabbit, Hunca Munca, Squirrel Nutkin and Old Mr Brown Owl. Beutron must have sold them under licence for JHB.


This card was probably sold in the late 1950s.

Quilter’s Buttons

As the card in printed on the back “Packed for Beutron. A division of Leutenegger Pty Ltd” it dates post 2001. I would appreciate any information as to when these buttons were sold.

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