11th October 2021

Tailors’ Buttons

Flehr & Co. Ltd., Adelaide

Flehr & Co. was established around 1919 by Mr Hermann Charles Flehr (1887-1943) and Mr Adolph Schahinger. In 1942, as a delegate of South Australia’s Master tailors, Flehr was pleading for a loosening on the war-time restrictions that had limited tailors to making “Victory Suits”. Despite Mr Flehr’s sudden death in 1943 the firm continued with Mr Schiahinger as the managing director, becoming a propriety limited firm in 1979. They held an import licence in 1981, with the address listed as 104 Pirie Street, Adelaide.

News (Adelaide), 14th August 1943 page 3.

Detail from photo #B 4627 of the State Library SA, dated 1927.


O. T. Crabb, Murray Bridge


News (Adelaide), 26th April 1928 page 16.

In 1906 Oscar Taunton Crabb (1880-1964) was working in Adelaide for the London Tailoring Depot.  Puzzlingly, in 1916 he formerly changed his family name from Crabb to Bradford, only to change it back to Crabb in 1921. That year he was working in Murray Bridge in partnership with a Mr Channon.

The Mount Barker Courier and Onkaparinga and Gumeracha Advertiser (SA), 21st July 1922 page 4.

By 1928 his son had joined the tailoring and mercery business, now known as O. T. Crabb and Son and run from the Beehive Building. However, the business was in receivership by 1930, and Mr A. W. Channon, the former partner, returned from Port Adelaide to take over the firm. The Crabbs returned to Adelaide late in 1933 and continued as drycleaners, a business they had branched out into whilst in Murray Bridge.

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