11th May 2022

New Finds

These are just a simple ‘fish-eye’ button, but they appeared in multiple forms. It appears they only came in two sizes, 11.4 and 16.4mm diametre, but they came in both ‘pearlised’ and plain, on Beauclire, Woolworths ‘Spares’ and Embassy cards. Strangley, there were either 6,7,8 or 9 buttons per small card.

Although a plain metal buckle, this raised a smile due to the price of nine cents.  Australian one and two cent coins were withdrawn from circulation in 1992. Prior to then, if you gave the sale assistant a ten cent piece, you would have received this change; afterwards, no change!

These cards date from around 1976 into the 1980s. Here is an advert from 1977.

The Australian Jewish News (Melbourne), 15th April 1977 page 44.

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