11th July 2022

Boer War Nursing Contingents: Part 2

Nursing contingents from Victoria, South Australia and West Australia soon followed the NSW nurses to South Africa.

Western Mail (Perth) 3rd March 1900 page 38.

Australian Town and Country Journal (Sydney), 10th March 1900 page 42. The ongoing battle between necessity and sensibilities.

The Australiasian (Melbourne), 17th March 1900 page 28. Victorian Nurses for South Africa. Nine “Victorian Nursing Sisters” left for South Africa.

State Library SA #B 9065. c 1900.

State Library WA, West Australia nurse outside a tent in South Africa, 1900.

With approximately 2/3 of the 22,000 deaths caused by diseases such as typhoid, it was not surprising that tending ill men formed most of their work, nor was it surprising that most nurses themselves became ill. Miss Kingsley, a nurse who died after writing this letter, described the situation …

Western Mail (Perth), 24th November 1900 page 40.

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