11th January 2022

Queensland Defences Forces

On pages 20-23 of Cossum’s book there are examples of Queensland Volunteer uniform buttons.

Queensland State Library. Detail from photo of Members of the Spring Hill and Fortitude Valley Volunteer Rifle Corps, ca. 1868.

Queensland Figaro, February 1889.

AWM. Serge frock of a sergeant in the Queensland Defence Forces. This style uniform of scarlet with 5 buttons was introduced in 1890. The type of button is shown below from the AWM collection.

I would love to have a Queensland Volunteers, or Queensland Rifles, both dated to 1897-1901, as they bear the Guelphic Crown, also known as Prince Albert’s crown, as it was the crown of the Dukes of the House of Hanover. The crown on the buttons are more curved on the top than the versions on these badges (courtesy of diggerhistory).


Following Victoria’s death, the Queensland Rifles button changed to using the Tudor crown, until formation of the Commonwealth Forces in 1903.

I would also love a Queensland Volunteer Artillery button, 1862-80, with the letters Q.V.A. beneath a left facing field-gun.

Queensland State Library: sergeants from the 1st Queensland Volunteer Artillery, date unknown.

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