10th March 2021

Mercantile Marine Buttons

Jame Patrick & Co Pty. Ltd.

Stokes & Sons Melb. Patrick was Scottish by birth and gave most of his ships Scottish names. Thanks Colin.

James Ronald Patrick (1880-1945), a former Australian Naval Lieutenant Commander,  founded the Patrick Steamship Company Ltd in 1919. Due to industrial disputes and a price war, the company was in liquidation by 1924. He set up a new company, James Patrick & Co P/L by January 1925. The company ceased shipping in 1962 although it continued other business until 2006.

National Library image #51920410. c.1924.


Burns Philp

Ed. Stillwell & Sons London. As Edward Stillwell and Sons dates from 1852-1957 this doesn’t help date the button.

See  http://www.austbuttonhistory.com/australian-button-history/distributers-wholesalers-importers/#Burns_Philp_Co_Ltd


Eastern & Australian Mail Steamship Co.

Backmark: Monnery & Son, Fenchurch London. Monnery & Son were outfitters from approx 1870-90.

This company was started in 1873 by James Guthrie, James Henderson, William Taggart and Paul Todman to operate a mail contract for the Queensland Government as well as passenger services between Sydney, Brisbane, Batavia, Singapore and Hong Kong. In 1881 the mail contract passed to another company, and they were renamed Eastern & Australia Steamship Co.

The Sydney Morning Herald, 15th February 1875 page 1.